Our Own Pipe Tobacco Blends

Welcome to our range of in house pipe tobacco blends all priced at £7.50 for 25g.

PLEASE NOTE : As we seasonally rotate our pipe tobacco selection especially our own blends some may be subject to unavailability at any one time. Should this be the case a suitable substitute will be offered. Blends currently available are highlighted in bold.

Old Town Range


Chamberlain's Own Blend.  A super mild all day fill of vanilla caramel and the lightest Virginias.


Old Town Aromatic – A unique medium aromatic of granular Cavendish, burleys and Red Virginias.


Old Town Special Flake - Specially prepared for us but a leading firm this medium to full grassy Virginia flake is a favorite with both seasoned and novice smokers.   


Old Town No 7. Raspberry – A light fruity aromatic on a Virginia base.


Old Town No 10. Cherry and Vanilla – a medium strength soft slow burning two part aromatic of Granular Cavendish and rough cut shag.


Old Town Pensioners Mixture. - A budget yet quality blend of Virginias,aromatics and latakias at the special price of £6 for 25g


Vienna Series


Napoleon Mixture - A complex blend of soft sweetened Cavendish on a base of two rich flakes and lighter Virginias with robust cherry and Latakia notes.


Morning Papers - The perfect blend of soft Cavendish's with sweet Virginias., an easy on the palette all-day smoke.


Leading Articles -  A more robust  version of the popular Morning Papers with a medium Virginia flake base for a fuller taste. (Out of Stock)


Telegraph Mixture -  A medium strength aromatic from a broken flake base. Its rich, creamy and fruity with a hint of cinnamon.  A smooth but cool smoke all due to the superb dry toasted Cavendish base.


Bright and Full Mixture  - For the taste seeking smoker who wants an aromatic with body and no bite: - Rich nougat with subtle whisky notes on a full flake base.


Hapsburg Mixture  - The Hapsburg Mixture is lighter composed of Turkish and bright Virginias with a subtle hint of dark cherry.


Carousel Mixture - Rich and slow burning with a punchy Virginia and walnut flake base complimented with soft vanilla.


Heart's Content Mixture - An all-day-smoking English mixture of unscented Cavendish dark fired chocolate flake flake with sweet with mild Virginias and cool Burleys.


Ottoman Mixture  - A Punchy blend of Izmir Turkish subtle Virginias and top grade Latakia finished with some cool Burleys.


Imperial Vienna - The jewel in our Vienna series. A medium to full Balkan mixture of Turkish Latakia and Burley with a unique white pepper smack. (Currently unavailable)


1879 Series


Rourke's Drift - The robust kick from the dark flake base in this tobacco is calmed by grassy Virginias and Burleys finished with a mouthful of cherry and a hint of whiskey.


Chard's Choice – A no-nonsense traditional Burley/Virginia blend with a medium Latakia Taste.


Quiet Man Series


O' Hara's Mixture - Virginias and earthy Burleys with just a hint of Whiskey and a dash of Latakia!


Galway Bay Blend  -  A medium to full flake base of Virginias kentuckys and Malawi burleys complimented by subtle aromatics of cinnamon and sweet citrus fruits and soft sweet Cavendish.


Innesfree Mixture. A rounded softly sweet blends of caramel Cavendish with light American vanillas and wild cherries. delightfully aromatic with a lovely room note. 


Hispaniola Series - Limited Edition.


Luxury Reserve Blend -  A full bodied  blend with a Nicaraguan cigar leaf base with rich notes of rum, cloves, and seasonal spices. (Not Pictured)


Buena Vista Blend – A full but balanced blend of Cuban cigar leaf and soft aromatic coffee flavours. (Not Pictured)